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Cornwallis I:  Analytic Approaches to the Study of Future Conflict

The first workshop was organized to highlight and share analysis techniques and methods, including simulation, useful for the study of and training for present and future operations in which military forces might be used — including newly demanding, multi-dimensional operations.  The organizers hoped to provide a forum for detailed presentation of theory and potential applications of new techniques and methods.

Unfortunately, the papers presented at this workshop are not available for downloading from this website.  However, the proceedings were published in book form by the Canadian Peacekeeping Press and secondhand copies are occasionally offered for sale by online retailers.

Contributed Papers:

  1. Then and Now
  2. Predicting Where the Next OOTW Will Occur: Open Source Solutions to Early Warning Systems
  3. A Semi-Quantitative Approach to Threat Assessment
  4. Planning for Future Conflict: A Morphological Approach
  5. Non-Governmental Perspectives on Analytical Approaches: An Informal Evening Session
  6. United Kingdom Operational Analysis Techniques in Bosnia
  7. A Framework for Modeling Psycho-Social Attributes in Conflict
  8. Operations Other Than War: The Canadian Perspective
  9. Entropy Modeling
  10. Adaptive C3I Systems Modeling
  11. Who Can Afford Passion? Emergent Conflict and the Challenge of Complexity: Leading Beyond Pragmatics
  12. The Post-New World Order: International Peacekeeping and Strategic Modeling of Future Conflict
  13. Supporting Decision-Makers in Future Conflicts: A Decision-Theoretic Perspective
  14. Strategies for Peace Support Operations: A Decision-Theoretic Analysis
  15. What Mathematics for Future Systems?
  16. Modeling and Analysis of Societal Dynamics: The Deployable Exercise Support (DEXES) System
  17. After War Actions
  18. Developing Scenarios to Support C3I Analysis