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Cornwallis III:  Analysis for Peace Operations

The Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre
7-9 April 1998

The agenda of Cornwallis III was developed to include papers in the three basic functional areas of a peace operation — peace making, peace building and peace support — to allow for discussion of the activities primarily conducted by the diplomatic community, by the NGO and specialized agencies of governments and the UN, and by military organizations.

Unfortunately, the papers presented at this workshop are not available for downloading from this website.  However, the proceedings were published in book form by the Canadian Peacekeeping Press and secondhand copies are occasionally offered for sale by online retailers.

Contributed Papers:

  1. Keynote Address: Quick Response Analysis for the Future Joint Environment
  2. Peace Making: Introductory Remarks
  3. Designing Citizen-Based Pace-Building Efforts in Cyprus: Interactive Management Workshops with Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots
  4. Force Structuring for Peace Support Operations
  5. What Works and What Doesn’t: Resolving Internal Conflict
  6. Can Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement Exist in the Same Peace Operations Mission?
  7. Commentary: Analysis and Conflict Resolution
  8. The Neighborhood Facilitators Project in Bosnia: A Case Study
  9. Peace Building: Introductory Remarks
  10. The Comprehensive Campaign Plan
  11. The Political Dimensions of Peace Support Operations: Developing and Sustaining Legislative Support in the United States
  12. The Economic consequences of a Peacekeeping Mission on the Host Country: Haiti
  13. Building Information Systems for Urban Peacekeeping Operations
  14. Analysis for Peace Building: Working Group Problem-Solving Experiment
  15. Peace Support: Introductory Remarks
  16. Understanding Limited Conflict
  17. Stochastic Analysis of US Military Deployments and Excursions Since the End of the Cold War
  18. Peace Support: GMCR II, and Bosnia
  19. Peacekeeping Information Operations: Bosnia Realities
  20. Operational Analysis in the Field: The Utility of Campaign Monitoring to the IFOR Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1995-1996
  21. Reserve Forces and Peace Support: A Roles and Missions Framework for Korean Unification
  22. Training and Exercise Support for Peace and Humanitarian Operations
  23. Command and Control Models for HiLOCA: Situation Appraisal and Assessment for Course of Actions Selection
  24. Materiel Requirements for Airborne Minefield Detection System
  25. Concluding Commentary