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Cornwallis XVIII:  Analysis for Evaluation and Assessment

The Mason Inn, George Mason University
15-18 April 2013

Meeting Prologue by Mr. Ian Mitchell

Session I: Colonel (ret) Christopher Holshek

Analysis for Assessment or Assessment for Analysis? Assessing the UK's 'Defence Engagement' Activities – Mr. Stan Coombes [pdf]

'The Road Less Travelled' – Challenges to Strategic X-Government Analysis, Evaluation and Assessment: A Case Study Approach – Dr. Neil Verrall [pdf]

Learning from the past: Analysing history to support UK Defence policy – Ms Debbie Cheverton [pdf]

Session II: Dr. George Rose, CF

Value Focused Metrics – Dr. Dan Maxwell [pdf]

Strategic Balance of Investment – Mr. Arjun Madahar [pdf]

Special Session in the Bar:  Clausewitzian Friction on the modern battlefield – Mr. Gene Visco


Session III: Dr. Paul Chouinard

Evaluating an international academic program – GLP – Dr. Allison Frendak-Blume [pdf]

Causal Loop Diagramming for Evaluation and Assessment – Mr. Ian Mitchell [pdf]


Session IV: Mr. Tony Hopkin

Measures of Merit in Complex Security Situations -- Insurgency, Terrorism, and Nation Building – Dr. Richard Hayes [pdf]

Civilian Security: A Functional Approach – Dr. Cynthia Irmer [pdf]

Clausewitzian Friction on the modern battlefield (including "battlefields" for the NGOs) – Mr. Gene Visco, CF [pdf]


Session V: Professor Dave Davis

Systems Analysis of Community Resilience – Ms Lynne Genik (via Skype) [pdf]

Using Value Focused modeling for Kenyan Elections – Ms Natalia Slain, Mr. Daniel Archibald, Ms Mufeeza Iqbal [PAPER]

Valued Focused Metrics for the Rule of Law – Ms Jordan Becker [pdf]


Session VI:  Mr. Gene Visco, CF

Behavior as a basis of evidence: The role of perceptions and reactions as the center of gravity for analysis. – Ms Sasha Kishinchand [pdf]

Developing a compelling story for Maritime Acquisition – Mr. Duncan Feveyear [pdf]

Peace Operations and Disaster Response: Latin American Lessons Noted: Toward a Framework for Regional Collaboration – Dr. Margaret Daly-Hayes [pdf]


Session VII: Mr. Tony Hopkin 

Sister Organization activities – Mr. Gene Visco, CF

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