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Cornwallis XIX: Analysis of Commercial and Market Force Roles in Conflict Management and Mitigation

Royal Holloway, University of London
Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom

Held in partnership with the 31st International Symposium on Military Operational Research

Tony Hopkin │ Managing Chair the Cornwallis Group
Introduction Brief

Al Lawrence │ Principal Analyst Logistics and Medical Analysis │ Dstl | UK
Balancing Regular and Non Regular forces to achieve Military Effect

Rene Nevola │ Principal Physiologist │ Human Systems Group │ Dstl | UK
Analysis informs redeployment of materiel from Afghanistan

Graham Brownbill │ Group Principal Analyst │ Support to Operations Group │ Dstl | UK
Operational Analysis after Afghanistan

Andrzej Frank │ Head Operational Analysis Branch │ HQ ARRC | NATO
The impact of contractor support on operational risk

Bill McDaniel | Applied Physics Laboratory | Johns Hopkins University | US
Instituting a Value Engineering (VE) Program to Reduce Costs of both Products and Services at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Eugene Visco | Lockheed Martin | US
Clausewitzian Friction on the modern battlefield