The International Symposium on
Military Operational Research




7th Historical Analysis for Defence and Security Symposium

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Portsdown West, Fareham, Hampshire, UK

21st and 22nd May 2014

Keynote Speakers

Brigadier Ian Rigden (DCDC):  The Use of Military History in the Development of Concepts and Doctrine Slides
Prof William Philpott (King's College London):  Doing More with Much More: The Military Challenges of Industrialized Warfare, 1914-1918  

Papers and presentations

Title Author(s) Resource
The Numbers Game: Seeking to Understand the Impact of Quantity in Determining Force Levels Dr Paul Latawski (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst) Slides
On the Nature and Consequences of 'Costless' Combat Erik Gartzke (University of Essex and UCSD) Slides
Assessing Diplomacy through Analysis? Approaches to Evaluating the Government's International Defence Engagement Strategy Stan Coombes and Adam Lyons (Dstl) Contact author
Cable in the Wireless Age: Naval Diplomacy in the Post-Cold War Global Order Commander Kevin Rowlands (Royal Navy) Slides
Concentration and Asymmetry in Air Power: Lessons for the Defensive Employment of Small Air Forces Niall MacKay (University of York), Ian Horwood and Christopher Price (York St John University) Slides (set 1) Slides (set 2)
The Instability of a Post-Nuclear World Dr David Blagden (University of Cambridge Slides
Doing a Lot More with Quite a Bit Less: Historical and Operational Analysis of Lean HQs at Formation and Unit Level Dermot Rooney (Wapentake Systems Limited) Slides
Beyond 'Good' and 'Bad' Lessons: A Comparison of the Use of History by the British Army and the German Bundeswehr in Afghanistan Dr Eric Sangar (Stuttgart University / IRSEM, Paris Slides
The Use of Oral and Local Histories in Counterinsurgency and Phase Zero Operations Dr Brian Price (Hawai'i Pacific University) Slides
S2O Deployed Analysis Patrick Rose (Dstl) Contact author
Historical analysis puts modern command and control in perspective Paul Syms (Dstl) Slides