The International Symposium on
Military Operational Research




9th Historical Analysis for Defence and Security Symposium

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Portsdown West, Fareham, Hampshire, UK

24th and 25th May 2017

Keynote Speakers

Emeritus Professor David Kirkpatrick (University College London):  Fighting in the Fog of War: Decision-Making under Extreme Uncertainty in the Waterloo Campaign
[Based on a RUSI Occasional Paper published in June 2015]
Major General (rtd) Andrew Sharpe (Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research, British Army):  Certainty, Uncertainty and Agility - How to be Decisive in the Next War! Slides

Papers and presentations

Title Presenter Resource
Weighing the Fog of War: A Bayesian analysis of the Battle of the Dogger Bank Professor Niall Mackay (University of York) Slides
Battle of Hannut 1940: An Operational and Tactical Analysis Charles Patrick (University of Wolverhampton) Slides
The Agile Forces Study 2016 Dr Richard Underwood (RED Scientific Ltd) Slides
Territorial Defence Forces: Concept, Role and Revival Dr Paul Latawski (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst) Slides
Future S&T Context and Trends for Defence and Security: Informing Canada's New Defence Policy Dr Anton Minkov (Department of National Defence, Canada) Slides
Mind versus Matter: German Inter-war Military Doctrine and its Impact on the Conduct of War Dr Matthias Strohn (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Buckingham University and Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research) Slides
UAVs and Air Control on the North-West Frontier: Re-Fighting the Last War? Dr Chris Wyatt (University of Birmingham) Slides
National Security Risk Assessment: Nine Questions for the British Approach Dr David Blagden (University of Exeter) Slides
ISIS and the Battle for the Heart of the Middle East: Towards a Non-state Theory of War Dr Michael Clark (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and University of Cambridge) Slides