The International Symposium on
Military Operational Research




Proceedings of the

35th International Symposium on Military OR

17th to 20th July 2018

Invited speakers

Opening keynote address Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte FRS, Chief Scientific Advisor, Ministry of Defence, UK Presentation
Keynote address Rob Solly, Head, Defence and Security Analysis Division, Dstl, UK Presentation

Presentations and papers

Tuesday 17th July

Proactive estimating - an analysis of air superiority Dale Shermon, QinetiQ, UK Presentation
Measuring the value of future research David Bangert, Polaris Consulting, UK Presentation
Supportability audit Tim James, TFD Europe Presentation
Wargaming, a minute to learn a lifetime to master Kristofer Hallgren, Swedish Defence Research Agency Presentation
"The enemy also moves": Game design as an adjunct to study design Alistair Morley, MBDA, UK Presentation
Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) - an ecosystem to support force preparation and decisions Bharat Patel and Jon Lloyd, Dstl, UK Presentation
Simulation of future operating concepts to support whole-of-force analysis Andrew Gill, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia Presentation

Wednesday 18th July

Data analytics: the same old next big thing for military OR? Yvan Gauthier and Bohdan Kaluzny, Defence Research and Development Canada Paper
ISTAR Tracker: analysis of detection data to infer distinct entities and their tracks Dr Stephen Lucek, Newman and Spurr Consulting, UK Presentation
Military simulation analytics: towards a sensitivity analysis when conducting analysis of alternatives Andrew Gill, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia Presentation
OPaL - Ground-based air defence systems simulation at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) Tam Beran, Swedish Defence Research Agency Presentation
Capturing the impact of critical decision criteria in MCDA John Moore, QinetiQ, UK Presentation
A balanced, modern and ready deployed OR capability Richard Hoyes, Dstl, UK Presentation
Presenting intelligence engineering: operating beyond the conventional Adam Svendsen, Bridgehead Institute Presentation

Thursday 19th July

Review and analysis of "Army of None: Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War" Gene Visco, Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA Presentation
Value for money in the MoD procurement process Peter Goodwin, Ministry of Defence, UK Presentation
Modelling defence enterprise value Dr John Steele, Defence Research and Development Canada Presentation
Assessing the benefits of augmented reality in army training Peter Tart, QinetiQ, UK Presentation
A simulation-based, holistic approach to analyze the impact of drivers and fleet modification strategies on operational performance Tom Collipi and Mike Albright, Northrop Grumman Corporation, USA Presentation
The future RCAF: modelling and simulation in wargames Dr Brad Gladman and Dr Andrew Billyard, Royal Canadian Air Force Aerospace Warfare Centre Paper
Eagle Warrior 17 - Wargaming for the RAF Noel Corrigan, BAE Systems CORDA, and Sam Mason, RAF Air Warfare Centre, UK Presentation
Wargaming the Atlantic War: Captain Gilbert Roberts and the Wrens of the Western Approaches Tactical Unit Paul Strong, Dstl, UK Presentation

Friday 20th July

Wargaming to investigate the utility of unmanned systems in a range of underwater tasking Matthew Moore, BAE Systems Submarines, UK Presentation
"All models are wrong, some models are useful" - an overview of naval wargaming Paul Adam, Cassandra Defence Consulting Ltd, UK Presentation
Understanding the direct value of capability enablers Andrew Hodges, Arke Ltd, UK Presentation
Using science, technology and analysis to cut costs, not capability Carly Porrett, Dstl, UK Presentation
35 ISMOR: themes and trends Tony Sinden, Decision Analysis Services Ltd, UK Presentation

The Big Debate: The Future of Operations Research

Introduction: context and structure Mike Larner, Dstl, UK Presentation
Record of comments and findings Mike Larner, Dstl, and Jeremy Smith, Cranfield University, UK Notes


The Choson Conundrum  Evening talk & workshop documentation (scenario and role definitions) Charles Hawkins, USA Presentation
Documentation (Zip file)
Data analytics  Gaining the battle-winning edge with data science Lou Martingale and Julie Manuel, Dstl, UK Presentation
Making every penny count  Cost forecasting explained; defensible decisions made Dale Shermon, QinetiQ, UK Presentation
Wargaming  Tactical land wargames - approach and issues Jeremy Smith, Cranfield University, UK Presentation
Wargaming  Training and education in defence wargaming Jeremy Smith and Dr Steve Barker, Cranfield University, UK Presentation


An uncertainty based approach to modelling risks using the CBR Risk Model (CRiM) Stephen Jarrett-Sprague and Harriette Taylor, Dstl, UK;  Patrick Dooley, Defence R & D Canada;  Chris Pitsaris and Matthew Testolin, Defence S & T Group, Australia Poster
Defining Operational Equipment State Level 2 using PRISM Tom Occleston, Atkins Global, UK Poster
Modelling systems and making decisions using BAEFASIP Dr Malcom Courts, BAE Systems, UK Poster