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Cornwallis XVI:  Analysis For Future Conflict

Parkhotel, St. Leonhard Uberlingen, Germany
28 March – 1 April 2010

Opening Session Chair – Dr A E R Woodcock

Mr David MasonAnalysis of Strategies for Future Conflicts: Lessons from Cornwallis XV and the Afghanistan Experience [ppt] [pdf]

Mr Paul Strong – Modelling the ‘violence paradox’ in irregular warfare and terrorism [ppt][pdf]

Session Chair – Mr Dave Mason

Mr Paul Massel – Applications and Implications on Future Security Operations arising from the NATO Joint Operations 2030 Long Term Scientific Study [ppt] [pdf]

Ms Samantha Mitchell – Maximising Understanding in a Complex Environment [ppt][pdf]

Mr Dayton Maxwell and Mr Mark Sweberg via Skype – Comprehensive approach to building partnerships handbook and reference guide [ppt]

Session Chair – Mr Anthony Hopkin

The future of conflict – Libya after UNSCR 1973: A discussion of current events.  Facilitated by Dr Anton Minkov

Dr Anton Minkov – Short-Term Demographics Change in the Middle East, Social Upheaval and Regime Change: The Case of Iran [pdf]

Dr Mike Baranick – A generalized model for the drivers of instability within states [ppt]

Session Chair – Mr Karl Bertsche

Dr A E R Woodcock – Climate Change, Predator-Prey-Harvesting (PPH) and Policy Cycle Management (PCM) Models [ppt]

Ms Christine Kolbe – Evaluating interventions in fragile and conflict-affected states [ppt]

Ms Heidi Davis – Tracing the Flow of Small Arms West Africa: Linking Disarmament and Demobilization to Small Arms Trafficking in Cote d’Ivoire [ppt]

Session Chair – Dr George Rose

Ms Ann Campbell - An Integrated Strategic Framework for Stabilization and Reconstruction in Liberia [ppt]

Col. (ret.) Christopher Holshek via Skype – Multinational Civil-Military Approaches to Transition to Peace Management - The Liberia Experience [ppt]

Prof. Dave Davis - Metrics Modeling as base for Simulations of Complex Environments [ppt]