The International Symposium on
Military Operational Research




Proceedings of the

36th International Symposium on Military OR

23rd to 26th July 2019

36 ISMOR was dedicated to the memory of David Faddy (1933-2018) and Gene Visco (1927-2019)

Invited speakers

Opening keynote address Air Commodore Mike Baulkwill. Head of Capability Strategy, Ministry of Defence, UK Presentation
Ronnie Shephard Memorial Address Dr Simon Goerger, President, Military Operations Research Society, US Address

Dedication and awards


Presentations and papers

Tuesday 23rd July

A novel hybrid modelling approach Andy Kinder, AREQ Consulting, and Bharat Patel, Dstl, UK Presentation
Airport landside security screening modelling James Adamson and Ian Griffiths, decisionLab Ltd, UK Presentation
Novel AI in wargaming: What would Napoleon do with Red's shoes? Dr Darrell Jaya-Ratnam, DIEM Analytics Ltd, UK Presentation
Military Operations Research Society (MORS) - Present and Future Dr Simon Goerger, President, MORS, US Presentation
Assessment of air power concepts for the Swedish Air Force - a multimethod approach Christian Carling and Anders Tavemark, FOI, Sweden Presentation
Modelling complex warfighting - a strategic research investment Cayt Rowe, DSTG, Australia Presentation
Influence and Infrastructure Combat Model human terrain modelling David Robson, NSC, UK Presentation

Wednesday 24th July

Harnessing the power of the recreational games market for decision support Nick Bell, Dstl, and Iain McNeil and JD McNeil, Slitherine/Matrix Games, UK Presentation
A new approach to military understanding, decision-making and operational planning David Simmonds, TPG/Polaris, and Dr Stuart Burdett, Sandbox, UK Presentation
Balancing supply and demand for radio frequency spectrum Dr Jakob Blaavand, Smith Institute, UK Presentation
Canadian Coastguard - Value for money through analysis of vessel life extension David Jones, QinetiQ, UK Presentation

Thursday 25th July

Accepting - and understanding - uncertainty: the use of history for military OR&A Dr Brad Gladman, Dr Peter Archambault and Neil Chuka, DRDC, Canada Presentation
PFT7 Main Execution Wargame: soft OA supporting hard decisions Thomas Russell, Dstl, UK Presentation
Leveraging physics-based simulations for operational analysis: task group air defence case study Dr Peter Young, DRDC, Canada Presentation
Estimation of frequency and duration of future Canadian Armed Forces operations Dr Peter Dobias, DRDC, Canada Presentation
'Benefits Maturity Matrix' - a pragmatic 'soft' method for managers to measure, track and forecast the achievements of complex programmes Robin Smith, Arke Ltd, UK Presentation
A simulation-based approach to assess multiple courses of action for diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS) Jonathan Dukat and Abhishek Paul, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, US Presentation
Efficiency in Defence - With quantifiable inputs and unquantifiable outputs, how do we manage what can't be measured? Nick Rose, TP Group, and Fiona McCann, BAE Systems CORDA, UK Presentation

Friday 26th July

Force mix modelling to assess value for money early in the project lifecycle Sarah Lee, MBDA, UK Presentation
How optimistic is Defence? Optimism bias in the Equipment Plan Luke Heley, Economic Advisor, Directorate of Performance and Analysis, MoD UK Presentation
Using sceince and technology to drive efficiency into defence Carly Porrett, Dstl, UK Presentation
FENPLE - Fuel Endurance Planning Engine Dr Darrell Jaya-Ratnam, DIEM Analytics Ltd, UK Presentation
36 ISMOR: themes and trends Tony Sinden, Decision Analysis Services Ltd, UK Presentation


Wide wet gap crossing Dr D J Lemon and Dr Nick Walmsley, Dstl, UK Poster
Operational research support to Exercise SALISH SEA 2017 Cheryl Eisler, Dr Peter Dobias and Dr Trish Huber, DRDC, Canada Poster
Modeling future force demand: Force mix structure design Dr Peter Dobias, DRDC, Canada Poster
Analysis of complex mission environments: Towards a method for control by flow interdiction Guido Veldhuis, Bas Keijser, Sebastiaan Deuten and Maarten Michel, TNO, The Netherlands/td> Poster