The International Symposium on
Military Operational Research




Previous symposia: 1984-2018

Papers and presentations from 31 ISMOR (2014) to 35 ISMOR (2018) are currently available on this website and can be accessed via the following pages:


31st Symposium 2014

32nd Symposium 2015

33rd Symposium 2016

34th Symposium 2017

35th Symposium 2018

36th Symposium 2020

Information relating to earlier Symposia, from the 1st (1984) up to the 30th (2013), is available from an online archive maintained by the Barrington Library at Cranfield University.

The information available is as follows:

  • For the 1st (1984) and 2nd (1985) symposia, it is regretted that only the titles of the papers presented and their authors are available and there are no downloadable resources.
  • For subsequent symposia up to and including the 10th (1993), the full proceedings can be downloaded as a single pdf file.
  • Exceptionally, the paper entitled Military Operations Research in a Changing Environment delivered to 10 ISMOR by Mr Klaus Niemeyer, at that time Chief of the Operations Research Division at SHAPE Technical Centre, was not available in written form at the time the original proceedings were collated and can be downloaded here.
  • For symposia from the 11th (1994) onwards, individual presentations and/or papers are downloadable.

To access the archive, please click on a symposium below.  You will be taken to the Barrington Library website and the list will be opened in a new window.  To look at further years, you can then navigate using the Barrington Library index or return to this page.

1st Symposium 1984

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In memoriam: collected papers of Graham Mathieson