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Cornwallis II:  Analysis for and of the Resolution of Conflict

The Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre
7-11 April 1997

This second workshop was designed to place more emphasis on assisting non-governmental organizations, and more international representation was sought.

Unfortunately, the papers presented at this workshop are not available for downloading from this website.  However, the proceedings were published in book form by the Canadian Peacekeeping Press and secondhand copies are occasionally offered for sale by online retailers.

Contributed Papers:

  1. Military Operations and Canadian Forces Peacekeeping Operations
  2. Evolving Peacekeeping in the Post-Cold War Era: Some Notes on Cornwallis-II (An Anthropologist Looks In)
  3. Conceptual Model of Peace Operations (CMPO) and the Liberian Elections
  4. Applying the Decision Support System GMCR II to Peace Operations
  5. Different Countries – Different Worlds: National Approaches to Civil-Military Coordination in Peace and Humanitarian Assistance Operations
  6. Asymmetric Evolutions and Resolutions in Military Analysis
  7. Intelligent Automata Models of Societal Conflict
  8. Planning the Ground Force for Operations in the Post-Cold War Era: A Systems Analysis Approach
  9. The Role of the NGO in Conflict Resolution
  10. Can I Do That and My Job Too?
  11. Complex Emergencies Doctrine: New Approach to Old Problems
  12. A Conflict Structure Code for Conflict Definition and Resolution
  13. Political Landscape Models of Emerging Societal Stability
  14. Costs, Risks, and Timing of Decisions for Peacemaking Operations
  15. Implementing the Dayton Accords: The Challenges of Inter-Agency Coordination
  16. C3I for Peace Operations: Lessons from Bosnia
  17. Engineer Support: Safeguarding of Living conditions for Rapid Reaction Forces
  18. Breakpoint: A Method to Terminate Force-On-Force Models and Simulations of Force-On-Force Combat Engagements
  19. Promoting Relief with Development: What the Military Can Do During a Peace Operation
  20. Confusion in the Midst of a New Foreign Policy Force: Analyzing the Task Structure of Peace Operations
  21. Force, Function, and Phase: Three Dimensions of United Nations Peacekeeping
  22. On an Architectural Approach to Modeling Peace Support Operations