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Cornwallis XII:  Analysis for Multi-Agency Support

The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre Cornwallis Park, Nova Scotia, Canada
2 - 5 April 2007

  1. Preface to The Cornwallis XII Proceedings: Analysis for Multi-Agency Support - Colonel Christopher Holshek [pdf]
  2. Introduction to Cornwallis XII: Analysis for Multi-Agency Support - Professor Alexander E R Woodcock, PhD [pdf]
  3. The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre - Suzanne Monaghan [pdf]
  4. The Evolution and Future of Peacekeeping - Alex Morrison [pdf]
  5. Why so little PSO Analysis in the UK? - Geoff Hawkins [pdf]
  6. Keynote Presentation: Policy and Strategies for International Intervention - Leonard R. Hawley [pdf]
  7. Snapshot of Emerging U.S. Government Civilian Capabilities to Support Foreign Reconstruction and Stabilization Contingences: Working Draft of the Executive Summary from IDA Document D-3269 - A Martin Lidy, David J Baratto, Daniel R Langberg, William J Shelby [pdf]
  8. Humanitarian Assistance and Network Governance: The ORHA Case - Richard L Taylor [pdf]
  9. The Need to Play Together: The Case for an Open-Source Simulation for Interagency Coordination - Ronald (Skip) Cole [pdf]
  10. Initial Report on Implementation of a Quantitative Assessment of President George W. Bush’s National Security Strategy - Lt Col Michael J Kwinn Jr PhD US Army, Major Stephen E Gauthier US Army, Cadet Matthew Weisner USMA [pdf]
  11. Fourth Generation Warfare: Reality or Myth? - Eugene P Visco [pdf]
  12. Keynote Presentation: Co-ordinating International Actors in Post-Conflict State-Building: The Case of Afghanistan 2001-2007 - Major General Chris Brown CBE [pdf]
  13. 3-D Soviet Style: Lessons Learned from the Soviet Experience in Afghanistan - Anton Minkov PhD, Gregory Smolynec PhD [pdf]
  14. Assessment of Effects-Based Operations Based on a Whole of Government Approach - Ms E Kalantzis, P Dobias PhD, Mr D Connell [pdf]
  15. Interdisciplinarity and the Whole of Government: Theory and Praxis - Ann Livingstone PhD [pdf]
  16. Iraq’s Future: An Abstract of an Assessment of the Potential Impact of The Iraq Study Group (ISG) Recommendations on Future Societal Conditions in Iraq - Professor Alexander E R Woodcock PhD [pdf]
  17. The Need for Interdisciplinary Analysis in Support of the Multi-Agency - Paul N. Chouinard PhD [pdf]
  18. Principal Component Analysis of the Fund for Peace Failed State Index: An Interdisciplinary Case Study - Paul N. Chouinard PhD [pdf]
  19. “Interagency Coordination” and the Search for a Practical Civil-Military Paradigm - Walter S Clarke [pdf]
  20. Understanding Decision-Making in International Crisis Management: The Use of Strategic-Level Decision Games - Alexandra Hall [pdf]
  21. Integrating Interagency Efforts – Two Interactive Tools - Colonel Ann M Campbell, Joseph F. Cuadrado III [pdf]
  22. The Strategic Management System (STRATMAS®): The Afghanistan Study 2003 and Exercise Iraq Future 2005 - Professor Alexander E R Woodcock PhD, S. Anders Christensson MSc [pdf]
  23. Representation of Multi-Agency Activities within the DIAMOND Simulation Model - Stella Croom-Johnson [pdf]
  24. Tools and Techniques for Enhancing Donor-Host-country Coordination in Complex Conflict Environments - Sasha Kishinchand [pdf]
  25. Synthesizing Information for Senior-level Decision-Makers using Simulation - Corey Lofdahl PhD [pdf]
  26. [MISSING]
  27. Provincial Level Assessment: An analyst’s experience of developing a detailed provincial level assessment for Afghanistan - Miss Nichola Picken [pdf]