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Cornwallis XVII: Analysis of Trafficking and Transnational Threats

In cooperation with the Center for Nation Reconstruction and Capacity Development

United States Military Academy, West Point, NY
28 March – 1 April 2012

Opening Session I: Dr A E R Woodcock

Brigadier General Tim Trainor

Cadet Paper: Modeling Illicit Trafficking in Central America [ppt]

Session II: Colonel (ret) Christopher Holshek

Ms Carrie Sue Casey: The Intersection of Trafficking in Persons and the Presence of Third-Party Interveners [ppt]

Mr Gary Hindle and Mr David West: The wicked problem of Somali Piracy [ppt]

Session III: Dr Paul Chouinard

Dr A E R Woodcock: Counternarcotics and terrorist modeling [ppt]

Cadet Paper: Evaluation of Assessment Methodology to Support Combined Joint Task Force-Horn Of Africa [ppt]

Dr Etienne Vincent: A Decision Timeline Approach to Assessing Air and Maritime Vulnerabilities [ppt] [pdf]

Ms Fiona Browning: A Surrogate Red Teaming method [ppt]

Session IV: Dr John Farr

Mr Walter Clarke: What is the evolving 'New Normal' in political-military affairs? [ppt]

Ms Simona Verga: A holistic, cross-government all hazards risk assessment [ppt] [pdf]

Session V: Mr Tony Hopkin

Mr Ronald Cole: Games, the Gateway Drug to Models [ppt]

Mr Jon Dalley: Quantitative profiling of trafficking networks; "Rumsfeldian" Spaghetti and the combination of Science and Art [ppt]

Session VI: Mr Dave Davis

Mr Ian Mitchell: Applying Soft Systems Methodology for Better Regulation [ppt] [pdf]

For some things, you just have to be there.