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Cornwallis IV:  Analysis of Civil-Military Interactions

The Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre
29 March—1 April 1999

Cornwallis IV analyzed civil-military interactions in peace operations.

Contributed Papers:

  1. Introduction to the Analysis of Civil-Military Interactions - David F. Davis [pdf]
  2. Civil-Military Interactions - Alex Morrison & Christine Vroom [pdf]
  3. Civil-Military Co-ordination in Peace Support Operations — An Impossible Necessity? - Par Eriksson [pdf]
  4. The Limits Upon Civil-Military Interactions in the Post-Cold War World - Gwyn Prins [pdf]
  5. Civil-Military Cooperation in UN Peace Missions – The Need for a New Holistic Mission Approach - Cedric de Coning [pdf]
  6. Addressing Post-Accord Social Crime by Civil and Military Means - Jennifer A. Stewart [pdf]
  7. Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution in the Late 20th Century Europe: Albania — A Case Study - Edward Smith, Jr. and Edwin Pechous [pdf]
  8. The United Nations Mission in Haiti: In the Service of Peace - Joseph W. Kinzer [pdf]
  9. Co-operation between Civilians and Military in UN Peace Support Operations - Leif Ahlquist [pdf]
  10. Information Operations in Support of Civil-Military Interactions - Alexander E.R. Woodcock & James E. Heath [pdf]
  11. Q-Analysis Assessments of Inter-Ethnic Relationships - Alexander E.R. Woodcock & James E. Heath [pdf]
  12. Mobility Requirements Study — 2005 A Unique Approach - Aasgeir Gangsaas [pdf]
  13. A Proposal for Cooperation between Defense and non- Defense Agencies in Support of Smaller Scale Contingencies, in the Context of Longer-Term Planning - Andrew Nicholls [pdf]
  14. The Uses and Limitations of Technology in Civil-Military Interactions - Gary Wheatley USN & Scott D. Welch [pdf]
  15. Prioritizing Tasks in a Peace Mission - Binyam Solomon [pdf]
  16. Determining and Quantifying Military Capabilities for Non-Warfighting Operations - David Frankis and Robert Bailey [pdf]
  17. Information Technology, Military Change, and the Role of Simulation - Corey L. Lofdahl [pdf]
  18. A Flexible Methodology for Simulating Wider Peacekeeping Campaigns (DIAMOND) - Andrew Caldwell [pdf]
  19. Combat Tasks and Peace Support: How Much Retraining Is Necessary? - Charles F. Hawkins [pdf]
  20. Inter-group Planning, Coordination, Communication, and Training as Critical Processes for Effective Coalition Operations - William J. O’Mara, M.S. Nancy J. Heacox, Richard T. Kelly & Robert J. Smillie [pdf]

Workshop, session and syndicate summaries:

  1. Session I: Civilian Perspectives (1) - Dayton Maxwell [pdf]
  2. Session II: Civilian Perspectives (2) Introductory Remarks - Kevin Avruch [pdf]
  3. Session III: Military Perspectives (1) Introductory Remarks Eugene P. Visco [pdf]
  4. Session IV: Military Perspectives (2) From Peacekeeping to Peace Building Paul N. Chouinard [pdf]
  5. Session V: Present Trends in Military Operations Research Karl A. Bertsche [pdf]
  6. The Wednesday Group: Civil-Military Interactions - James L. Narel [pdf]
  7. Syndicate 1: Northern Iraq Critical Incidents: Issue Resolution in the Field - Dayton Maxwell [pdf]
  8. Syndicate 2: Bosnia-Herzegovina Civil-Military Interactions in Bosnia-Herzegovina Briefer - Larry Wentz [pdf]
  9. Syndicate 3: Haiti Background to the Conflict in Haiti - Captain Leif Ahlquist [pdf]
  10. Syndicate 4: Somalia Chronology and Historical Background Kevin Avruch & Scott Welch [pdf]
  11. Concluding Commentary - David F. Davis & Alexander E.R. Woodcock [pdf]