Workshop archive



Cornwallis X:  Analysis for New and Emerging Societal Conflicts

The Canadian Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
21 - 24 March 2005

Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser, the Deputy Ambassador from Germany to Canada, opened the workshop.  Dr Pauline Baker, President of the Fund for Peace, provided the civilian keynote address and Major General Natynczk gave the military keynote.  The workshop was held in collaboration with the Canadian Department of National Defence.

Contributed Papers:

  1. The Cornwallis Group X: Analysis for New and Emerging Societal Conflicts - Alexander E.R. Woodcock [pdf]
  2. Welcoming Remarks - W.N. Peters [pdf]
  3. Defeating Complex Insurgency - John Mackinlay [pdf]
  4. Building a Scenario-Based Analysis Method for New and Emerging Societal Conflicts Drawing on International Relations, Military Planning, and Operations Analysis - Robert Bailey & Ms. Alexandra Hall [pdf]
  5. A Framework for Integrating Civil-Military Responses to Conflict: Network Enabled Operations in Support of Defence, Diplomacy and Development - Sandy Babcock [pdf]
  6. Are Diplomatic, Information, and Economic Resource
    Planning Consistent with Military Planning for Operations? - S. Anders Christensson [pdf]
  7. Privatizing Peacekeeping: The Growing Prominence of Private Military Companies in Conflict and Crisis - Christopher T. Mayer [pdf]
  8. Keynote — Threat Convergence and Failing States: A New Agenda for Analysts - Pauline H. Baker [pdf]
  9. The Joint Operational Environment - Thomas Schmidt [pdf]
  10. Humanitarian, Peace, and Reconstruction Operations: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same - Richard E. Hayes, Margaret Daly Hayes & Donald G. Owen [pdf]
  11. Addressing Terrorist Threats in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan: Winning Hearts and Minds - Rena Salayeva & Michael J. Baranick [pdf]
  12. State-Building in a Transition Period: The Case of Azerbaijan Michael J. Baranick - Rena Salayeva [pdf]
  13. Keynote — Actionable Statistics - Walter Natynczyk [pdf]
  14. The Evolving Role of Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Operations in the 3D Approach - Alden Skidd [pdf]
  15. Evolution of Canadian Forces Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) - Graham M. Longhurst [pdf]
  16. Civil-Military Measures of Effectiveness: What’s It All About? - Christopher J. Holshek [pdf]
  17. A Structured Framework for Expressing Requirements and Assessing Solutions - Martin R. Kaye [pdf]
  18. Demographic Change, Pluralism, and Ethno-cultural Diversity: Implications for Civil-Military Co-operation - Christian Leuprecht [pdf]
  19. A NATO Collective Strategy Proposal and Practical Planning and Analysis Experiences from Operations in Afghanistan - Michele Fisher & Mark Syvret [pdf]
  20. Counterinsurgency Lessons from Vietnam - Michael A. Hennessy [pdf]
  21. The Iraqi Prisoner Scandals: Beware the Amity of Public Opinion - Andrea Charron [pdf]
  22. Information Communications Technology (ICT) Support to Complex Emergencies - Larry Wentz & Stuart Starr [pdf]
  23. Europe’s Military Capability in Crisis Management - Ulrich Scholz & Benjamin Zyla [pdf]
  24. Rapid Assessment Process (RAP) and Security Sector Reform Lieutenant - David Last [pdf]
  25. Approaches for the Modelling of Stabilisation Operations - Jon Parkman, Howard Body & Simon Pearson [pdf]
  26. The DIAMOND Peace Support Operations Model – Lessons from an Iraq Scenario - Charis Snell [pdf]
  27. A Science of Better Society: The Place of Operational Research Analysis in the Resolution of Societal Conflict and Regeneration - Ian M. Mitchell [pdf]
  28. HQ ARRC Confrontation and Collaboration Analysis (CCA) Trial - Hugh Richardson [pdf]
  29. Success Factors in CT/COIN Campaigns: Preliminary results arising from current research - Andrew Hossack & Karthik Sivasankaran [pdf]
  30. More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Keynotes - Eugene P. Visco [pdf]
  31. Review of Cornwallis Workshops I to IX (1996 – 2004) - George Rose & Mat Brazier [pdf]