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Cornwallis XV:  Analysis for the Future of Afghanistan

In cooperation with the Center for Complex Operations, National Defense University, Washington DC
28 March – 1 April 2010

Session Chair – Mr. Larry Wentz

Ms Beth Baumgarten (Star) - Measuring Progress toward Social Well-Being in Afghanistan [ppt] [pdf]

The Human Terrain of Counterinsurgency Operations: Developing the Military Mindset and Social Science Support by A M de Vries [doc] [ppt]

Empirical Analysis of Current Operations to Support Planning by Anna M. Demetriou and David P. Richardson [pdf][ppt]

Corruption in Helmand Province, Afghanistan William C. Young [ppt]

Session Chair – Mr Anthony Hopkin

A Comprehensive Peace Process for Afghanistan? Dr. Lisa Schirch [ppt]

Ms Clair Lockhart – The Future of Afghanistan [ppt]

Mr. Christian Aulbach– Germany's Engagement in Afghanistan [missing]


Session Chair – Mr. Karl Bertsche

Mr. Gene Dewey and Mr. Walter Clarke - The Afghan Horizon – Lost, or Recoverable? Or, Are We Obliged to Again Snatch Unilateral Defeat from the Multilateral Jaws of Victory [ppt]

Strategic Communication and Influence in Afghanistan: A UK Perspective by Patrick Rose [doc] [ppt]

Dr. Stuart Starr and Mr. Samuel Bendett - Assessing Corruption in the Afghanistan National Police (ANP): Escaping the “Authority Minus Professionalism” Dilemma [ppt]

The Strategic Force Density Problem: A Historical Perspective for Operations in Afghanistan by AD Hossack and DA Cheverton [pdf] [ppt]

Session Chair – Mr. Mike Miklaucic

Criminal Insurgency by Thomas Horn Hansen, Tom H.J. Hill, Jeni Mitchell and Nathan Hanley [doc][ppt]

Dr. A.E.R Woodcock - Toward an Analysis of Future Outcomes in Iraq and Afghanistan [ppt]

Dr. Thomas Blau and Dr. Daryl Liskey - Aligning Concepts, Operations and Goals in Fragile States: Some Questions About Afghanistan [ppt]

Session Chair – Dr. Michael Baranick

Colonel Ellen Haring - Mobilizing Identity in the Pashtun Tribal Belt [missing]

Mr. Carroll Patterson - Notes from the Field: On Evaluating the Soft Side of COIN Operations in Afghanistan [missing]

Mr. Luke Knittig - Afghanistan Efficacy:  A Times Square Approach [missing]

Ms Taylor Wilkinson and Dr. Mike Baranick – Institution Building [pdf]

Session Chair – Professor Dave Davis

Using Economic Modeling to Prioritize Infrastructure Development Projects to Achieve Afghanistan’s Socio-Economic and Political Goals by L.M. Stehr , Ph.D. and S.J. Whidden , MD, Ph.D. [pdf][ppt]

Dr. Eathan Kapstein - Counterinsurgency Operations and Economic Decision-Making in War-Torn Countries:  The Case of Afghanistan [ppt]